Blue Wolf are organic aquaculture bred shrimps raised in Mongolia.

The Blue Wolf Project

“We want to create an industry in Mongolia!”
We want to use Japanese technology to breed organic shrimp in the land-locked country of Mongolia. We wish to establish a shrimp export industry in Mongolia. We have undertaken this project to make this dream a reality.

We established the local corporation, International Smart Aqua Culture LLC (ISAC), in February 2014 as a joint project of Japan’s M’s Corporation and Mongolia’s Solongo Line LLC. Using the Indoor Shrimp Production System (ISPS) developed by IMT Engineering, we will establish the shrimp aquaculture business in Mongolia, in order to create a new industry originating in Mongolia.

Panel displayed at the ceremony venue to explain the Blue Wolf Project (PDF)

Overview of the Aquaculture Plant (will be completed in the spring of 2015)

The aquaculture plant, where the Indoor Shrimp Production System (ISPS) developed by IMT Engineering has been introduced to create a new Mongolian Industry by cultivating shrimps in land-locked Mongolia, is now under construction with its completion scheduled for April 2015. From here, the first Blue Wolf organic shrimp born in Mongolia will be shipped not only to Mongolia, but to the entire world.

▲ISPS Plant Site

Blue Wolf Project Presentation Ceremony

The Blue Wolf Project Presentation Ceremony was held in Khaan Ger, a restaurant in the city of Ulan Bator, Mongolia on August 11, 2014. The more than 100 invited guests enjoyed the sight of shrimp bred by a corroborative experiment conducted in Mongolia swimming vigorously in a tank of water and savored fresh shrimp cuisine, which is a rare treat in Mongolia. As a result of the great interest and concern with this revolutionary project, breeding the organic shrimps, Blue Wolf, in cold land-locked Mongolia, and its vision of the future, the ceremony was covered by four local Mongolian television stations and a newspaper. (On the day of the ceremony, the event was broadcast live on the evening news.)
And TV Tokyo staff came from Japan to gather material closely linked to its program, Dawn of Gaia. It was a ceremony where participants were sharply reminded of the great expectations of the Blue Wolf Project both in Mongolia and in Japan.