Blue Wolf are organic aquaculture bred shrimps raised in Mongolia.

Production Technology Especially Developed for Organic Breeding

The Indoor Shrimp Production System (ISPS) employs thorough water quality control and uses absolutely no chemicals or additives, in compliance with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), a food safety control method. Young SPF (Special Pathogen Free) shrimps bred in Thailand and good quality feed are used to produce top quality safe shrimps. Technology that circulates the water to homogenize its oxygen concentration provides the shrimp with appropriate motion to create shrimp with firm flesh.

Sustainable System Considering the Environment

Rearing shrimp in land-locked Mongolia was achieved by the Indoor Shrimp Production System (ISPS) developed by IMT. ISPS, a technology that has been awarded the Japanese Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize, carefully rears special pathogen-free young shrimp while preventing the invasion of pathogens from outside the system. The water required to rear the shrimp is mineral-rich Mongolian ground water. Blue Wolf shrimps are reared under thorough control using the most advanced technologies.

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In Pursuit of Good Taste

Unbeatable freshness
Freshly-killed shrimp are prepared for sale by rapid sterilization and washing, vacuum packing, and fast-freezing in the adjacent processing plant. Even frozen Blue Wolf products prepared with top priority on quality can be eaten raw after they are thawed.

Abundant savory constituents and good texture
Giving highly nutritional feed to the shrimp as they are allowed to swim forms abundant savory constituents at the same time as it improves their texture. And keeping the rearing environment in more natural condition reduces stress on the shrimp, preventing deterioration of their fine flavor.

Even their shells can be eaten.
The complete shrimp including its shell can be eaten from its head to its tail if it is heated. This is possible because they are reared in fresh water and to the perfect size. Cooking the shells of shrimps that are neither too thick nor too thin ensures delicate texture and good taste.

Strictly selected feed
The shrimp are fed highly nutritional feed that can be used safely without worry and has been carefully selected to suit the environment of Blue Wolf.

Original taste of shrimp
Blue Wolf shrimps do not have the distinctive odor of seafood. This is achieved by cleaning the rearing tanks every day to constantly maintain a good environment. This will allow consumers to enjoy the original taste of shrimp free of odd flavors.

Because the system uses absolutely no chemicals, antibiotics, preservatives and water retention agents, Blue Wolf can be eaten without fear. And their flavor is completely unaffected by these chemicals.

Scheduled to ship in March 2017