Blue Wolf are organic aquaculture bred shrimps raised in Mongolia.

Blue Wolf Organic Shrimps raised in Mongolia.

Origin of the Name, Blue Wolf

The beast traditionally believed to be the ancestor of the Mongolian people (totem) is called the “blue wolf.” This tradition originated in the passage, “The life force descended from heaven, giving birth to the blue wolf” from the Secret History of the Mongols,” and Genghis Khan came to be called the blue wolf. Genghis Khan has also been called “the Blue Wolf,” in Japan.
It was Genghis Khan who created the Mongol Empire that is said to have covered 25% of the land area of the entire world. We wish to emulate his great achievements by bringing smiles to the faces of people around the world by introducing them all to these organic shrimp they can eat safely without worry. With this goal in mind, we have given the name Blue Wolf, a name familiar to the people of Japan, to these shrimp which we produce in Mongolia.